Social Media Unleashed: Make it Work Your Way

Introducing "Social Media Unleashed" – Your Self-Led Social Media Transformation Your Way!

🚀 What You'll Learn: In this self-paced resource, you'll uncover the secrets of making social media truly work for your business. I'll guide you through busting the myths, mastering content creation, and simplifying your strategy. Get ready to finally conquer the overwhelm and turn social media into a powerful asset.

💡 Your Key Takeaway: By the end, you'll have a clear and practical understanding of how to harness social media's potential. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, this resource will help you find your balance and regain control over your business.

🌟 Access to the Course and a Dedicated Facebook Group for Support: Dive in and explore the resource at your own pace with unlimited access, plus join our exclusive Facebook group for additional support. It's time to unleash your social media potential!

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14 Chapters

Welcome to Social Media Unleashed!

Welcome to Social Media Unleashed! Download the workbook, and listen to the welcome audio to get you started!

Audio Time: 5 mins and 43 seconds

Social Media Myths

A great place to start to realign your relationship with social media for your business is to bust some myths! Let's go!

Audio Time: 4 mins and 11 seconds

Content Pillars

Content Pillars are a vital part of your social media strategy but there has been so much conflicting advice out! Time to get clear on what they are and how to make them to work for your business!

Audio Time: 5 mins and 59 seconds

Social Media Strategy

Strategy doesn't have to be a dirty word! Listen in to get to the bottom of how to create your social media strategy in a way that works for you!

Audio Time: 7 mins and 43 seconds

Generating Content

Generating content doesn't have to complicated! Use these tips to build a bank of content ideas!

Audio Time: 7 mins and 19 seconds

Grid Vs Stories - What to Post Where?

In this chapter, we're going to tackle a common question: What should you post where?

Understanding the difference between your Grid and your Stories is key to creating a well-balanced social media strategy!

Audio Time: 7 mins and 11 seconds

When is the Best Time to Post?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the realm of social media – when is the best time to post your content? You've probably seen this question pop up everywhere, with countless experts offering their insights. Well, let's dive in and demystify this topic.

Audio Time: 2 mins and 42 seconds

How to Repurpose Your Content to Save Time!

We're going to talk about a game-changing strategy that can ease the pressure of constantly creating new content.

Audio Time: 5 mins and 14 seconds

Automations and Tools

In this segment, we'll explore how automation tools can enhance your social media game. We'll cover scheduling applications like Later and Planoly, dive into message bots with ManyChat, and discuss the benefits and considerations of these automation options.

Audio Time: 14 mins and 33 seconds

Social Media and Mindset - How to Create a Healthy Balance

Maintaining a healthy mindset while using social media as a business owner is paramount. Regardless of your knowledge of the platform's theory, content creation abilities, or posting timing, your emotional relationship with social media sets the tone for your experience. Social media can often be triggering, so here are some top tips to help safeguard your mental well-being!

Audio Time - 7 mins 48 secs

Let's Summarise and Wrap it Up!

Well done for making it to the end of the course! This course is designed to help you reframe your relationship with social media to reduce the overwhelm and use it to your advantage! This chapter recaps on the main themes to remember!

There are some bonus episodes for you to listen to so don't go anywhere yet!

Plus you have the workbook and the Facebook Group for extra support!

Audio Time - 5 mins and 10 Secs

Bonus Chapter! The Dreaded Algorithm

Let's demystify The Social Media Algorithm, it is not this sneaky beast out to get you! 

Audio Time - 3 mins 18 secs

Bonus Chapter! To Meta Verify or Not!

The blue tick used to be only for celebs and public figures, but last year it became something you can pay for, which caused a lot of discussion. There was a lot of negative chatter about it diminishing the impact of the little blue tick, but I want to give you my take as I have had a few clients ask my thoughts on the matter.

Audio Time - 2 mins 50 secs

Bonus Chapter! Who Else to Follow When it Comes to Social Media!

As I said in the intro, this course is not designed to make you a social media expert but is there to help you realign your relationship with social media as a tool for your business. However, if you did want to learn more social media tools and develop your content creation, these are the people I recommend and trust!

Audio Time - 2 mins 21 secs

Chapters for this product 14
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